Your pet is unique
Aracaviais an exclusive clinic for exotic animals and the first specialized clinic in Andalusia.
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Your new companion animals
Like any other animal, they must have professional monitoring to ensure their health.
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Continuous training and research
Aracavia establishes a dialogue based on knowledge and with an informal and accessible perspective.
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We care

At Aracavia we look for the happiness of pets and their caregivers. We care for small mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and amphibians. We have patients of many species and we are committed to their families.

  • We offer information and let you know about the care for your pets.
  • We care for and treat exotic animals for their recovery and well-being.
  • We advise on the adequacy of homes for the habitability of your exotic animals.

Specialized service

As we do not dedicate ourselves to dogs and cats, all our approaches are focused on these easily stressed species.

Know our services

We have all the necessary equipment and human resources to offer you a comprehensive service.

We keep moving forward

We do not stop training to give attention to other new species that do not have veterinarians to be cared for.

All the information

We inform you in advance with estimates and with your consent for procedures.

We are passionate about animals

Our lives cannot be understood without animals, we live with them and understand them. In our free time we learn from them every day, we admire them and collaborate in the defense of their well-being.

Our services

Operating room and work room fully equipped with inhalation anesthesia and monitoring.

Diagnostic imaging

High performance ultrasound and digital radiology.


Facilities with incubators, oxygen supply, nebulization and quiet and comfortable rooms for them.


Hematological and biochemical equipment, microscopy, special cytology and other studies.

Our activity and experience

The more than 10,000 new patients in the last 8 years demonstrate our experience in handling these species, different from dogs and cats.

Professional career with attendance at many conferences, scientific publications in journals, presentations and university collaboration.

animals care for
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training hours
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Cockatiel parakeet 4 years old (female)

Our team

The largest veterinary team dedicated exclusively to exotic animals in Andalusia.


Giorgio Gavazzi

Veterinario en la Clínica Veterinaria de animales exóticos ARACAVIA y en diversas clínicas de Sevilla.

Auxiliar clínico veterinario

Adolfo Ruiz Gómez

Auxiliar veterinario en Clínica Veterinaria de animales exóticos ARACAVIA.

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To provide a better service, we work by appointment. The best way to arrange an appointment is by phone, call us to check availability (951 24 38 97).

If we are closed and it is an emergency, call 688 999 123.

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